I’ve been struggling for the past couple of months to practice healthy daily habits. I had a number of unexpected events happen, including an injury, which usurped all my routines. I’m sure that some of you can relate to this. I’m finally back to getting on track, and short circuited my kitchen scale while cooking this evening. I could throw up my hands and decide that the world is conspiring against me, or I could consider this an accident and move on. I’ve decided on the latter.

Fresh coconut in Bangkok, ThailandTo get back on track, I needed some support from friends. I went to visit a friend who is a great social support, and who loves eating vegetables. We had some fun together, such as a 10 course dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, but we also cooked together and made sure we ate many vegetables each day. I’m able to continue on my own now. I am especially interested in starting the holiday season with a clear intention to exercise my healthy actions. With practice, actions become habits. Look for some new posts in the coming weeks.


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